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These problems can stem from various factors, such as childhood experiences, trauma, and adverse life events. Fortunately, psychodynamic counselling can help individuals address these issues and improve their relationships. Attachment theory suggests that our early experiences with caregivers shape our attachment styles, which can influence our adult relationships. 

For example, individuals with a secure attachment style are more likely to have positive and fulfilling relationships, while those with an insecure attachment style may struggle with trust, intimacy, and emotional regulation. Through psychodynamic counselling, we can explore your attachment style and gain a deeper understanding of how your early experiences have shaped your relationships. This approach can help identify relationship patterns and develop more positive coping strategies.

Attachment problems are a common issue that can affect individuals throughout their lives.

Psychodynamic therapy is a specific type of counselling that can effectively address attachment issues. This approach explores unconscious processes influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. By exploring these unconscious processes, individuals can better understand their attachment patterns and work towards developing healthier relationships.

Through psychodynamic counselling, it is also possible to work through unresolved issues from the past that may be affecting your current relationships. For example, individuals who have experienced trauma or abuse may struggle with trust and intimacy in their adult relationships. Working through these issues in therapy could develop a greater sense of safety and trust in the relationships.

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